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Creating a well-designed Outdoor Living area will be a relaxing, breath taking extension of your home and will create additional livable square footage functional for 3-4 seasons long.

You have come to the right place for your next outdoor living project!

Our Process

We strongly believe in an efficient structured process for both our customer and us. The process we have originated both saves time and money. Following this process ensures we meet deadlines and clients expectations. Our 6-step process is
The Proscape Process

Step 1 – Brainstorm
You and your significant others or anyone involved in the project sit down discuss the project budget, ideas, deadlines, must haves, and wishes.

Step 2 – Decide
Choose a local professional landscape contractor. Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors to see who they recommend and pick one or two contractors to meet with. Questions to ask your potential contractors: Ask how long they have been in business, have them show you their work comparable to your project, ask them to explain their build process, and get references from their previous customers!

Step 3 – Planning and Budgeting
Create a Master Plan for your properties full potential. Plans can often be done in stages (ex. One stage per year for five years). Discuss total budget and staging budgets with contractor, review their plant, and sign an agreement with the project detailed out on paper (never verbal).

Step 4 – Build
During the fast paced build process, when changes or construction issues come up, swift and excellent communication between contractor and customer is a MUST!

Step 5 – Remit payment
Once your contractor has completed the project and you are completely satisfied, pay your contractor. Contractors are not banks. Immediate payment is expected unless other terms are agreed upon beforehand.  If you do have concerns or issues with your project, be sure to bring them to the contractors attention, a good contractor will quickly resolve any issues you may have

Step 6 – Enjoy
Your new landscape should last many of years with proper maintenance. Invite family, friends, and neighbors over to celebrate your new outdoor living getaway!

The Landscape Plan and Design is the most important piece of the puzzle. The plan is the first step of the build. No plan = No Construction. Without a proper plan in place important steps of the project will be missed, overlooked, or may end up being done twice, resulting in wasted $$$.

Our designs make sense for your needs and are completely customized to what you want. No two designs are alike and we never create “cookie cutter designs”.

    Our professional designers use CAD and 3D software to model your project and help you visualize the end result before a shovel goes in the ground. In this stage of the project, we are focused on:

  • Definition - creating conceptual areas of your property and defining the uses for each area.
  • Function - Flow of traffic, suitability for your type of entertainment, maintainable and lawn mower friendlieness.
  • Seasonal enjoyment - Choices to provide color and interest in Spring, Summer, Fall AND Winter.
  • Professional expertise - We combine correct zoning knowledge and years of experience to select proven plants.
  • Plant choices - based upon location on property - Heights, Color, Sizes, Types.

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Creating a well-designed Outdoor Living area will be a relaxing, breath taking extension of your home and will create additional livable square footage to your home, functional for 3-4 seasons long.

Great Rooms
- Backyard vacation, travel not required.
- Outstanding return on investment.
- Stunning focal points.
- Great entertainment and fun! Keeps family close.

Custom Outdoors Kitchens
- Almost all amenities you havve in your "inside" kitchen can be brought outdoors.
- From granite counter tops to stainless steel kitchen appliances, integrate whatever dreams you may have.
- Enjoy the astonishing Wisconsin evening weather around a family barbecue.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces
- Great extension of the home; relax, grab a book, glass of wine, clear the mind, and unwind.
- Creates a very romantic atmosphere.
- Built custom to your project needs.
- Custom match the stone work to your home's exterior.
- Add wood boxes, mantels, pizza ovens, etc.
- You imagine it; we will build it.

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Creating a well-designed Patio Area will be a relaxing, breath taking extension of your home and will create additional livable square footage to your home, functional for 3-4 seasons long.

Types and amenities
- Raised, Tiered, Flush to the Ground Patios.
- Elements to create structure and focal points like seat walls and pillarss.
- Unique inlaid patterns.
- Built-in planters.
- Purpose-built platforms for free standing grills.

Fire Pits
- Wood Burning.
- Natural Gas Burning.

Paver Choices
- Patterned Decorative Concrete.
- Natural Stone.
- Concrete (tumbled or non-tumbled).
- Clay (tumbled or non-tumbled).

outdoor patios

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Constructed properly, retaining walls last a very long time and are a beautiful addition to the landscape. Walls extend the useable space of your property, add beauty and character, as well as solve grade issues.

    Assortment of shapes and sizes

  • Garden Walls - Create character.
  • Seating Walls - Permanent seating areas.
  • Multi-level Walls - Terraced and/or Tiered.
  • Residential - Long-lasting solutions to solve grade changes.
  • Large sized - Parking Lot walls (use in heavy load situations).

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Bring the sound of water and the feeling of life to your landscape with the natural beauty of a properly constructed water feature. Enjoy the soothing sound of water as a natural stress reliever.

    Types of Water Features

  • Ponds.
  • Ponds and Falls.
  • Falls.
  • Pondless streams.
  • Fountains.

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Designed and installed properly, low voltage lighting will add character and extend the practical usable time in your landscape while providing extra security.

A variety of styles:
- Set a mood in specific areas.
- Feature trees and landscaping with up/down lighting.
- Illuminate pathways and stairs.
- Enhance security with motion lights.

Create night-time ambiance
- 12 volt incandesant.
- 12 volt L.E.D.
- Full Spectrum of timers and remote controls.
- Waterproof long lasting connections.
- Coordinate lighting with music.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

- Focal point.
- Provides semi-shade.
- Creates a distinct outdoor "room" space.
- Lighting.
- Opportunity to attach an outdoor fan, TV, shade screens, and the list goes on...

- Wood - Cedar, White Pine, Teak.
- Metal.
- Composite.

Why Proscape is Best

Professional, timely and proactive
Debris removal before starting
Conscientious clean up afterwards
Superior customer service
100% satisfaction guarantee

Proscape Value Added Services

Your landscape's condition is inspected each time we're on site

2 edgings per year of sidewalks, driveways & curbs

Proscapes Weed and Feed Programs

Programs Available

7 Step Weed & Feed w/insect control
5 Step Weed & Feed
4 Step Weed & Feed
> 60,000 sq.ft. - 2x4 Weed & Feed

Proscape Pest and Insect Control

Preventative grub & insect applications
On site pest identification & control
Very effective ant control: entire property and/or foundation
Mosquito control and more!

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