Snow Removal

At Proscape we dedicate all of our energy and resources during the winter to snow removal. This is why all of our customers are extremely happy with the exceptional service we provide during winter storms.

We are your landscape maintenance professionals!

Winter Storm Services

We can give you many references from satisfied customers: government, industrial/commercial, and residential.
Our services include:
Snow Plowing, Blowing, Shoveling  -  Salting  -  Ice and Snow Removal  -  Snow Hauling

Proscape Residential Snow Removal
Residential Services

Proscape provides residential customer with exceptional snow removal services. In addition to great quality service and timeliness, you have the option to chose whether your driveway is Plowed, Snow blowed, Shoveled and/or Salted.

We stay on top of snow events and are onsite after the roadway plows have gone through - so we can leave you with as clear and clean a driveway as possible. Additionally, you can rest assured we are making notes of specific driveway details that can cause drifting with certain winds.

For heavy, overnight snowfalls, we'll do our best to clear a path on your driveway during the storm so you can get out in the morning, then come back when the storm has passed to completely clear your driveway.

Proscape strives for 100% customer satisfaction and to create long-term relationships with each of our clients. Our focus is to take care of you like no other company will.

Proscape Business Snow Services
Business Services

Our business snowplowing account receive the high quality service they deserve.

For snowfalls during business hours, we provide continual service to keep parking lots clear and safe for your customers and employees. Plowing is maintained during the storm and salt is applied at the level you desire.

When the storm passes, we return after business hours to plow all the spots missed due to obstacles in the way (vehicles, busses, etc.)

Our snowplow teams are Internet-ready and have the ability to monitor weather radars and air temperatures while they are on the road. This gives us the information we need to evaluate approaching weather and storms already in the area.

100% customer satisfaction and long-term relationships built on trust and quality service are our goals. We have the manpower you need to ensure your property is kept operational and safe for your customers and employees.

Why Proscape is Best

100% satisfaction guarantee
We establish long-term relationships
We are focused on your safety
Staffed to handle winter work

Proscape Plowing Services

Snow blowing
Ice and Snow Removal
Snow Hauling

Proscapes Winter Storm Services

During heavy storms, we'll clear a path so you can get out if needed and are back afterwards to fully clear driveways, parking lots & sidewalks

Proscape Weather Monitoring

Our entire team has Internet connectivity to stay on top of weather events
We proactively monitor approaching snow and ice storms

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